Candle Light City Foundation (CALICIF) INC. is a duly registered non-governmental and non-for-profit organisation.

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Although we have been involved in social engineering since the early 90s, working mostly with street people, Candle Light City Foundation (CALICIF) was only incorporated in October 2020 in accordance with the requirements of the Corporate Affairs Commission when the need to expand and create better impact became evident.

Our projects

We are basically a community of people engaged in agriculture and its various value chain.
CALICIF is engaged in securing short term and long term grants to drive our various agric projects. The short term grant runs for six months while long term grant be from one year to three years. The short term grant is for state projects. To qualify, a state must have at least 400 units to be able to participate.
Presently, we have secured a short term grant for state project.

With these grants we are confident that we will create a community of happily productive people.

Our Vision

With a vision to empower the less privileged to become self-employed and independent, we are carving a niche for ourselves in the social engineering space.

Our Mission

Knowing that capacity building enhances efficiency and productivity, the Mission of CALICIF is to create a society where potentials, skills, talents and gifts are identified, developed and empowered for the benefit and well-being of the people.


Since its formation two years ago, CALICIF, has empowered over 1,000 youths in skill acquisition and entrepreneurship.

CALICIF is working to promote peace among communities across the country, through job creation through its programme of Non-violent Communication.

CALICIF is able to achieve the above through strategic partnership, networking, team work, training and advocacy.

CALICIF has a plan to get the youths involved in agriculture by training 36,000 youths across the nation in the agricultural sector from 2022-2030. This strategy will provide employment and thus enhance the quality of life of the youth.

The goal is to get 1000 youths from the 774 local Government Areas of the country. In this we will partner with federal and state governments because the government is diversifying the economy.

The benefits of this work will be enormous and mutual because it will reduce youth restiveness by engaging them productively in agriculture, and at the same time complementary to the government’s effort.

Aside this, we will also be establishing state projects in all the 36 states of the federation for local farmers where they will participate massively in crop farming and animal husbandry.

Furthermore, CALICIF plans to get the youth involved in sensitisation on climate change.

There is need for sustainable agriculture to meet the increasing demand for food. In order to ensure food security, we need to understand the effect of climate change on agricultural productivity and rural livelihood.

Climate change and global warming are the current global problem many countries are facing. Emission of green house gases is responsible for global warming and subsequent climate variability. To a great extent, rural Nigeria is still practicing rain fed agriculture which makes the farmers vulnerable to the adverse effects of climate change.

Extreme climate events such as flooding, extreme heat, and drought have led to soil degradation which results in low crop yield. Decline in agricultural productivity discourages the farmers and may lead to change in livelihood especially in the rural areas.

The sensitisation of youths to get involved in the activities of climate change will help the Nigerian government and the international community in fighting the effect of climate change. It will promote clean energy as we encourage the use of bio fuel for domestic use even in the rural areas.

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