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We are basically a community of people engaged in agriculture and its various value chain.
CALICIF is engaged in securing short term and long term grants to drive our various agric projects. The short term grant runs for six months while long term grant be from one year to three years. The short term grant is for state projects. To qualify, a state must have at least 400 units to be able to participate.
Presently, we have secured a short term grant for state project.

With these grants we are confident that we will create a community of happily productive people.


Candle Light City Foundation seeks to train unemployed youth in entrepreneurial skills in agriculture. It is our way of contributing to food security in the country and at the same time keeping the youth creatively productive. This is our long term goal for the period 2020-2030.
CALICIF plans to empower rural farmers by establishing community and state projects in the six political zones of Nigeria. These projects will kick start with training and development of agricultural entrepreneurs.
In this way CALICIF seeks to meet the global objective SDG1 No Poverty and SDG 2 ( Zero Hunger).
In training the youth to provide alternative means of livelihood for the youth regardless of their gender, there will be value chain addition leading to transformation of primary agricultural produce into food, and other different products and commodities. In this way, CALICIF is seeking to close the gender gap and dependency rate in our society to achieve SDG 5 ( Gender Equality) and SDG 10 (Reduce Inequality).
Overall, CALICIF is creating an agricultural social enterprise as well as a platform with technical and organisational solutions to get the youth out of poverty for a healthy and sustainable socio- economic development.


A single mom is a person who brings up a child or children alone, without a partner or a woman who lost her husband and is left with the responsibility to take care of the children.
Candle Light City Foundation understands that most single moms face parenting issues and struggles in the cause of raising their children. Some of these issues include, financial burden, loneliness, low self- esteem, a sense of guilt, struggling to instill discipline in the children.
The CALICIF, therefore, plans
to correct or curb some of these issues and bring solutions to the challenges of single mothers.
For close to a year now after the registration of the organization, CALICIF has been organising, conferences, counselling, seminar, training, skill acquisition, and empowerment programs for single mothers.
CALICIF plans to expand the program to cover more states in the country in the coming years.


Street children are minors who live and survive on the streets.
They often grow up in public landfill, bus stations, in Nigeria. Most of them are found under flyover bridges.
Street children are the product of broken homes, as a result of divorce or death of parents, and sometimes abuse. The majority of street children lack love.
Candle Light City Foundation has a burden to take these children off the street because they are one of the most vulnerable groups of urban poor. They face difficulties while struggling to survive on the streets.
CALICIFis therefore working to provide street children with a safe environment where they can grow, learn and develop.
We working to develop new partnerships to help us provide as many children as 0possible with educational opportunities according to (SDG 4) and child protection services.
Currently we are working in Lagos State to reach street children with education and child protection services.
We wish to extend and expand our programs in time by entering into partnership with different local organizations to provide support for these children, through the provision of quality education in safe learning environment to enable the children acquire life-sustaining skills.

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